Santa's Workshop

These 3 pictures are of a Santa's workshop that I made. The premise is this is the day after Christmas and Santa has just returned from his long day. He is resting in the basement where his sleigh and reindeer reside. Santa has kicked off his boots and has consumed a bottle of wine.

While Santa was gone the elves were supposed to be working. The one outside was sent to shovel off the sidewalk, but only partially got the job done. He decided to fly a kite, which has now wrecked on the roof and doesn't know what to do. One elf is trying out a skateboard. One is deciding which candy to eat that he had hidden in the attic. Another elf is playing on the rope elevator. A serious one is in the basement checking on the reindeer. The final elf has painted a firetruck half-yellow and half-red because he can't decide which he likes better.

This is the inside view. You can see the shelves were the toys are stored. The elf in the front is the one trying out the skateboard. The one at the bench is painting the firetruck. You can see Santa kicked back in his sleigh.


This is the other side of Santa's workshop. You can see the door where he drives in his sleigh. The blue string hanging from the top is the tail of the kite that the elf in front has wrecked.


This shows the elf in the attic and the rock walls in the basement a little better. The walls are stone and the ceiling has beams across it to hide the lights.

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