Shannon's Genealogy Page

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Overview of our surnames

Shannon's surnames include:
Adkisson (VA); Allen (early MA); Baker (Del-Pickaway Co OH); Beamam (NC-IN-IA); Bryan (MD-PA-OH); Cadwallader (PA); Cary (early MA);CLAUSEN (??-PA); Cole (early MA); Cooper 1.(early NY) 2.(Tn-IL-IA); Davis (MD); Deane (Eng-MA); Drew (MA-NY-Wi-MT-AZ);Duncan (VA), Foxwell (MA);Gardner (PA); Garvin(PA); Gaunt (NJ-PA); Gillespie (VA); Godfrey (Eng-MA); Grimes (Va); Halley (VA-OH-Mt-IA); Hamilton (VA); Hardin (MA-NJ); Harris (VA-OH); Hathaway (Eng-MA-NJ); Headley (NJ-OH); Henthorn (Ireland-PA); Hoskins (MD-VA-OH); Ireland (NJ-OH-IN-IA);Jolly (PA); Keller (NC-IN); Kennard (PA-OH); Laman/Lanam (OH); Lukens (PA-MD-OH); Markley (PA); McCormick (VA); Mew (Eng-NY); Miller (PA); Mitchell (OH);Morgan (VA), Morris (PA-OH); Odell (NC or SC-TN-IL); Partridge (Eng-MA); Plover (Eng); Pryor (PA-OH-IA); Raner (VA-WV-IA); Reed (NJ-PA-OH) ; Reynolds (VA-NC-IN-IA); Richards (Eng-Va); Saunders/Sanders (VA); Shepard (Eng); Sisler (VA-PA-OH-IA); Stronge (Eng); Tracy (Eng); Travis (TN-Il); Tyler (VA);VonEmmons (NJ); Watson (MD-PA-OH); Whitaker (PA-MD); Wilbur (Eng-MA)

Roy's surnames include:
Moore, Livengood, Newman, Griswold, Colton, Gaylord, Parson, Bliss, Gardner, Hull, Russell, Long, Wilcox, Wadsworth, Phelps,Purington, Durant, Ferris, Trefft, Bruner, Starnes, Wilson, Riley
***lots of these in CT, NY area***

I have a special page for Shannon's Morris family

This is an ongoing project. Be advised that this probably contains some errors. Corrections appreciated. All genealogy should be checked to compare with actual sources. Some of the information was given to me by various "cousins" and has not all verified. Feel free to contact me so we can compare notes. Some families I have more information on, others none.