Diedrich Nickerbocker's Journal-Rip Van Winkle

Here's some pictures of the Rip Van Winkle display I will be showing at the IGMA show at Rye NY

As a preface to this display:

Washington Irving wrote his classic Rip Van Winkle as if he had found this story among the pages of Diedrich Nickerbocker's journal. The setting is the return to Rip's favorite haunt, The Village Inn owned by Nicholas Vetter, after Rip awakens from his rest. Here he finds things not as he remembered. There are several items here that were mentioned in the story that I tried to duplicate.

The big tree was no more, instead a flag pole with a strange flag with a red night cap on top.
The familiar sign of King George was replaced by one of George Washington.
The sign over the door read The Union Hotel by Jonathan Doolittle. (I've added a sign in the weeds from the old owner).
Some of the window panes were broken and covered with hats and petticoats.
What looked like his old dog didn't recognize him.

On the back of the display you can see part of Rip, resting, with his "well-oiled gun" showing the signs of neglect. The pages are the actual words from the story at that point in time.

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Shannon Moore