Velma Ebster's Spell In Book

This bookbox is a bit different than a lot of my traditional boxes. This one has a story to go with it and the scene evolved based on the story.

The main character in the story is Velma Ebster. You see she found this Webster's unabridged dictionary and thought it would be the perfect place to put her spells in since it had her name on it. She collected many potions and ingredients and soon realized that the cavern was just too small to house her collection and to brew her spells, so she added steps both in and out and placed her cauldron outside. Now this developed a problem as to how to keep the book continually open, so a tree quickly sprouted and grew right through the book, keeping the cover of the book open. It's canopy was also the perfect place for her pet vulture and bat to occupy, and underneath became the graveyard.

She has many helpers scattered around the scene, a guardian snake guards the stairs, while another occupies the graveyard. Velma's pet iguana stands guard of her hope chest; and it seems the cobra and cat are having a private conversation.

The inside of the book in addition to "ingredients" she has her broom collection, her dollhouse, and the shards of her favorite dish that was broken. She's forgotten the spell to mend the dish and is keeping the pieces "just in case".

The scene is lit all around and is displayed with a cracked mirror and canopy. The mirror allows you to see the scene all around. She now has 4 apprentices who fly in for an afternoon lesson.

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More pictures of Velma and the brewing area. The fire and pot flicker


The front corner

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The exterior stairs

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The graveyard and back

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Inside continued


The tree


The owl continued

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