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These are the boxes that I have available. They are all subject to prior sale so email me you you are interested. Updated February 22, 2018

All dimensions are exterior in inches. The interior dimensions are smaller. All these are 1" to 1' scale unless noted. I also make 1/2 and 1/4 scale displays. If there is a particular available box you are interested in email me and I'll be glad to furnish more details and additional photos. I will also do custom orders with your books. Please note: All the boxes are one of a kind All Funds in US Dollars. Shipping extra (Foreign orders - all taxes/custom fees are your responsibility.) I can take credit card by sending you a square invoice or paypal but please ask. Email for further details.


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 One Inch Regular Books

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Popular Mechanics Black&Red fronted books with striped paper, door and window, wood floor.
11 1/4 8 10 1/4 $325
Blue Copper
Blue books with blue paper, copper roofed working bay window, teak floor.
10 10.5
(interior is 7" deep +bay)
11.25 $525
Brown Gardening Brown gardening books with single window, wood whitewashed floor and brick paper interior.
9" 8.5" 11" $225
Cream Gardening
Creamed colored gardening books with green double working window. Paper is off white with floors in stripes.
9.75 8.25 10.25 sold
Mixed Reference very dark green and cream books + red books, both with gold topped pages, one window and walnut floor. Interior yellowish tan paper
9 5/8 8 1/2 11 1/4 $300
Practical Handyman Reddish books, with red and white striped paper, working double door, working window, wood floor.
11 7 3/4 11 1/8 sold

check out misc for sale to see other roomboxes-again one of a kind

One Inch Leather Books

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Versailles Leather like with center double door. Floor handlaid cherry, mural on back wall.

10 3/8 9 1/4 11 1/2


Leather Britannica

Leather Encyclopedia with door and window. Floor handlaid with Sapeli veneer.

10 7/8 8 1/2 11 $700



Other Scales Books- Check the Gallery for details of some others that I've made. Presently this is all I have.
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  details Width Depth Height Price
Leather Quarter Scale

Old leather books with swirled blue paper, 3 stories interior with soft blue paper, cherry floors. Books are mounted on base includes LED lighting with transformer that unplugs at back of base.

Books are 5.75; Base 7" Books are 4.75; Base 6" Books are 8.5; Including Base 9.5 sold


Finished Scenes for Sale
See all about Velma Velma Ebster's Spellin' Book $1995

The Conservatory

(furnished includes 4 dolls - lit with coach wall sconces, top comes off)


The Potting Shed - furnished, not lit $450


Some sold Bookboxes
Again make sure you check the Gallery.


1/4" scale

1/4"scale City Mouse/Country Mouse

Red Leather books
corner door

Extra pictures of details

Character sketches


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