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Additionally I make settings in other containers. These are some that I have made over the years. For those available for purchase check out the misc page

For pictures that are shown as thumbnails, to see a larger view click on the thumbnail. To return to where you were, use your back arrow on your browser.
The Artist's Studio- This is an artist's paint box that I made into a studio.
Bailey's Irish Cream Tin - This is a tin that I cut out and put Bailey, the elf, drinking his Irish Coffee in.
Doctor Leathers
Doctor's Bag - I named this one "Dr. Leathers' Medical and Pharmaceutical Practice". Dr. Leathers opened his new office and spent all his allotted funds on his desk and examining table so he had to improvise for other "necessities". He also opened a Pharmaceutical Practice in the anteroom to help meet expenses.
Howdy Doody Time- I taught this at NAME 2000(Set in a Howdy Doody Lunch box)
Plaza Theatre Lobby at Kansas City made inside of a movie projector speaker
Filming the Searchers made inside of a Film Projector

Doctor's bag
Each one is unique. This one has been completely refurbished. Interior lined completely in new leather.

Sea scape This box contains a sea scape and a Cat Wingler fisherman.
Seascape View 2 Waters edge
Happy fisherman
The Country Mouse Scene 1/4" to 1" scale (Quarter scale) sold

This is my most recent mini bookroom (1/144th scale) A bookbox for a bookbox. This was my limited edition souvenir for a theme luncheon in Seattle.

The queen anne chairs and tea table are by Steve Davis

Older mini book room (1/144th scale) A bookbox for a bookbox. Here's it's shown on a small 1" scale table (sorry the pixs are a bit fuzzy)

Other Settings

Santa's Workshop made for a State Day several years ago. Lots of the toys inside were favors or items I made.
This housefront was made from scratch by scaling dimensions from a picture in Bicknell's Victorian Buildings. The windows, copper porch roof, mansard slate roof, were all hand made.And here's another picture of it ready for holidays
Holiday ready
The Attic- the doll was a Marcia Backstrom character doll. I felt she just fit in this scene.
Attic View 2 Attic View3
Golf Scene
Golf Scene-This breakaway box is complete with animals that steal.
Golf View 2
Made for the Guild Show 2001. This is a form of a popup book.
A furnished bookbox. Pictures show the landscaping around the outside of the box.
I taught this at Louisville, KY NAME 2001 It uses mirrors to make the scene look larger.
Scene I taught at Philadelphia Miniaturia 2001 & NAME NATIONAL 2003
Centerpiece I made for NAME National '03 (the floor is lacewood-the back wall was bricked)


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