The Plaza Theatre

by Shannon Moore

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These are some pictures that I took of a scene that I did inside of an old speaker from a movie projector.

This is the lobby of the Plaza Theatre in Kansas City. The date was in the 50's when the film John Wayne in the "Searchers" would have been showing. The lobby was a very spacious affair done in the Spanish style of architecture. Several items of interest that I tried to capture were the fountain, the doors with an embossed feeling on them, the corbils under the eaves painted in several colors, of course the tiled roof with the goose, and the archways on the sides. On the right hand side is a reproduction of the promo poster for The Searchers..

This is the finished piece. The lighting isn't good, but you view it through the Victor logo. To see what I started with on this and also the companion piece check out the movie.

Looking in


The fountain


Looking down


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