The Making of the Movie

by Shannon Moore

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These are some pictures that I took of a scene that I did inside of an old Movie projector.

The scene is the filming of the "Searchers" starring John Wayne, directed by Mr. Ford. This is the opening scene. On the left side were some electrical controls that I decide to incorporate and make into an "electrical panel" with dials and striped tape and wires. The picture on the left wall is a reproduction of one of John Wayne's publicity pictures. A snynopis of the story was reduced and place on that wall. The front of the cabin was made with paper clay over styrofoam. The backdrop that is "stapled" onto the set wall was painted from the opening scene. As many of the details as I could work into the scene that were in the original I try to reproduce. (the hitching post with the blanket, the chair on the porch, etc)

These were the pieces I had to work with. Check out the theatre for the companion piece.


This is the finished scene. I didn't have the reels, but they will go on the rods that stick out.


This shows the two 'doors'. The garage door is open to view the scene. The regular door has the red light on to show filming in progress.


This shows the case open.


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I broke it in two sets for faster loading.

© 2003 Shannon Moore