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These seem to be what I am most know for. These are real books, "hollowed-out", so that a miniature vignette setting can be placed inside. These are usually lit with nite-lite bulbs, but other lighting can be arranged. They come with a door, if desired, and also a viewing window. Some are papered with book end-paper and all are ready to "move-in". My stock is never the same so some of these bookboxes that I'm showing are no longer available, just typical. (Prices starting at $175) For pictures that are shown as thumbnails, to see a larger view click on the thumbnail. To return to where you were, use your back arrow on your browser.

Bookbox example
A typical book box with corner corner and interior
Listing of boxes that are presently in stock, some have pictures.
This is a different type of "bookroom". It's dimensions were 13" x 13' x 18 1/2" tall. This is a special arrangement made from 2 large ledger covers. The covers are placed in an "S" type arrangement with plexiglass on the sides and top. The interior is done with replaceable lights, hand laid teak flooring, a mirror to give the illusion of extra depth. The window in the front was completely made from scratch. It is sold

These are all boxes that are sold but thought you might enjoy seeing.
These are all 1" to 1' scale (1/12)

Horse Books
American Peoples
World Book
Coppered roof
Universal world
Martin Hubble
French interiorFrench setFrench interior 2 Leather boxEnd flapCeiling of Leather boxInside Leather Box Swedish setSewdish Interior

Other Scales Books- details of some in that I've made.

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Leather Quarter Scale

Quarter Scale Leather

2 floors, papered with small white background with multicolored flowers, cherry floors, 12volt transformer and replaceable bulbs
.Leather Qrtr Inside


5 1/4"

7 3/4"


Red Qrtr. scale

Quarter-Scale Red

2 floors, papered with small reddish pink and white striped paper, solid cherry floors, replaceable "pea-bulb" lights with 12 volt transformer. Gold windows.

5 1/4"


6 1/8"


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